Steve Wozniak is Starting another Venture, 45 years after He Co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs

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45 years after he founded Apple in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage in 1976, Steve Wozniak is launching a second business.

According to a statement released Friday, this time Wozniak is starting a company in the green tech and blockchain area called Efforce.

Efforce, which has been in stealth mode for nearly a year is a marketplace to have “green” projects sponsored by corporate or industrial building owners.

According to Efforce, “investors can buy targeted savings from energy efficiency projects, whereby companies benefit from such improvements at no cost”.  “Using blockchain, the resulting savings can be redistributed to token holders and businesses without intermediaries based on accurate consumption/savings data.”

Wozniak says: ‘Energy use and CO2 emissions have risen worldwide exponentially and are having extreme effects on our atmosphere and climate change. Without modifying our habits, we will increase our energy footprint and reduce our energy usage. We can save the world simply by improving electricity,” he told the company.

Efforce, a marketplace for business or industry building owners that have been in stealth mode for almost one year has sponsored “green projects.

The company’s cryptocurrency token, trading under the token named WOZX, was made public on Dec. 3 on HBTC, a marketplace for decentralized currency marketplace, and will launch Bithumb Global, a new decentralized currencies marketplace next week, according to a company media article. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile, it is worth nothing.

Jacopo Visetti, the project leader and co-founder of Efforce says, “Many small companies are struggling in this challenging time. They are unable to make it possible for them to switch to LED lighting, simplify manufacturing processes or even separate themselves to keep the heating to long term save money.

“Efforce offers business owners a safe online registration of their energy upgrade project and secure funding from all kind of investors worldwide. The businesses would then have more cash available in other vital ventures like infrastructure or recruiting,” said Visetti.

Wozniak’s first company, Apple, has a market value of more than two trillion dollars today.

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