Meat Industry In The Future

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The regulatory authority has approved the sale of cultured meat, particularly chicken nuggets produced in bioreactors, and it has become a breakthrough in the meat industry to some extent. The American company Eat Just will sell the product in the country, but has not yet started selling.

According to the data, many companies involved in laboratory meat production have focused their efforts on poultry. Recent study shows that chicken or duck are produced by 22 %  of the world’s meat-growing companies. The only meat more companies are working on is 25% beef. Chicken nuggets and foie gras, lab-grown poultry products are expected to hit the market, while companies develop lab-grown beef in the form of steaks, burger patties, and meatballs.

Queensland University researchers have conducted a survey according to which most consumers are keen on also laboratory-grown beef products.  71% of respondents said they would try laboratory-cooked beef. 63% of respondents said the same for poultry and 69%  for pork.

The interest engendered by sustainable food and protein source that can be easily produced and sold without compromising on taste fueled the move to lab-grown meat.  North American companies would come at number one in laboratory meat product development.  40 %  of all companies analyzed are headquartered there. A third of the companies are located in Asia, making the continent to rank  2nd.

An article published in August in the Journal of Animal Science looked at interest in lab-grown meat in various religions. It states that it was  Buddhists who showed the most interest in lab-grown meat, with 60 to 80 % saying they would try different varieties. And religious groups that avoid certain types of meat said they would still avoid their laboratory relatives.

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