Microsoft Wrote New App Store Rules To Show Apple And Google How Decent Companies Behave

Microsoft has developed 10 principles for its app store, which it promises to follow when entering into contracts with developers. Unlike Apple and Google, it will allow the use of alternative app stores and payment systems, writes The Verge.

Microsoft has made it clear that its new policy is a response to the actions of Apple and Google, in particular, to the conflict of IT giants with Epic Games, the newspaper notes. “Windows 10 is an open platform,” said Rima Aleili, deputy general counsel for Microsoft. “Unlike some other popular platforms, our partners are free to choose where and how to distribute their applications.”

The conflict with Epic Games began after the company added direct purchases to Fortnite, bypassing the App Store and Google Play mechanisms. As a result, Apple and Google removed the game from their stores and the developer sued.

In late September, Epic Games, Spotify, and other tech companies that criticized Apple and Google policies formed the Coalition for App Fairness. They opposed 30% in-app fees, Apple’s control over iOS, and the lack of alternative stores and payment platforms.

Microsoft said in a statement that it was CAF’s ideas that formed the basis of the 10 principles. Here is a list of them:

1. Developers will be able to decide if they want to distribute their Windows apps through our app store. We will not block competing Windows app stores.

2. We will not block an application on Windows because of the developer’s business model or how he delivers his content and services.

3. We will not block the application on Windows due to the choice of a payment system for processing purchases.

4. We will provide developers with timely access to information about the compatibility of the interfaces that Windows uses.

5. Every developer will have access to our application store as long as it meets objective standards and requirements for security, privacy, quality, and content of the content.

6. Our app store will charge a reasonable fee, which will be commensurate with commissions in other Windows app stores. We will not force developers to sell in their application what they do not want to sell.

7. Our app store will not interfere with direct communication between developers and their users through apps for legitimate business purposes.

8. Our app store will host native apps according to the same standards as competing apps.

9. Microsoft will not use any non-public information or data from its store about the developer’s application to compete with it.

10. Our store will remain transparent about its rules and policies, as well as opportunities for promotion and marketing, and will apply them consistently and objectively, communicating changes and providing an opportunity to resolve disputes fairly.

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